Ohio History Connection has Canceled the Friends of Serpent Mound's Annual Lighting the Serpent.

We want to thank all those that have supported us and we understand your hurt and frustration of not being able to Celebrate the Winter Solstice at Serpent Mound by helping us light over 1000 luminary candles around the serpent effigy for our once annual "Lighting the Serpent!"

At the November FOSM meeting the Board discussed all that has happened since the initial cancellation. We had talked many times since then with both the Arc and OHC. However, OHC is not budging and will shut the park gates at 5:00 pm.

I know there was talk of using Soaring Eagle Retreat for an alternative activity or protest. Jim and Bev McKenzie were never consulted and disagree, they want to keep their property a sanctuary from all the negativity and therefore are not opening their gates.

FOSM will have the Bratton Township Building (2535 Louden Rd, Peebles, OH 45660) open for refreshments, with pictures of past Lightings, and at 6:30, Jeffrey Wilson will do a presentation on the history of the Lighting.

For those that still plan to go to Serpent Mound on the 21st, the park will open until 5 pm.

Some images from past Lightings...


Above was taken in 2007 by Jeffrey Wilson


.Above was taken in 2008 by Jeffrey Wilson


.Above was taken in 2009 by Jeffrey Wilson


.Above was taken in 2009 by Jeffrey Wilson

2014 shots from Darryl Aucoin!





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