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Lighting the Serpent

Thursday, December 21, 2017

This is a weather dependent event and could be rescheduled to Dec. 22nd, visit this page a day or two before the event to see which day.

FOSM does not charge a fee for this event, but the park charges a $8 fee pre-car.
You may want to share a ride with others as parking is limited and can be crazy!

Please share an event flyer with family and friends!

Since 2004 the Friends of Serpent Mound Volunteers have be gathering on the Winter Solstice to light luminaries around the snake effigy mound and the three conical mounds in the park. We believe there to be a solar alignment to the Winter Solstice sunrise, so in 2004 when Board Member Jeffrey Wilson suggested honoring the alignment, the Ancient Native Americans that built the effigy, and all the FOSM Volunteers that made 2004 such a success - The Lighting was born!

For the first few years we used grill lighters and long taper candles to light the luminaries. Then Delsey Wilson and her father, James McKenzie suggested using a sacred fire to also honor the Native Ancestors, the creators of Serpent Mound. Neither of them are card carriers, but like many people of America they have a few Native Ancestors throughout their family tree. Since then, all candles have been requested to be lit from the sacred fire.

Park rules are that no one is to get on the mound. However, our event was grand fathered in, as we have to cross over the oval and triangle to place and light the luminaries - to capture a true outline. We both respect the rules and appreciate the permission to do so, therefore we ask that only a small handful of pre-selected volunteers be the only ones to respectfully cross that line, and that everyone else respectfully only walk up to the edge.

Evening Schedule:

4:00 pm - FOSM Volunteers and the public will layout the pre made luminary bags.

5:00 pm - Everyone wanting to participate in helping light the luminaries are to meet
around the sacred fire. There Jeffrey and Delsey Wilson and James McKenzie will welcome the public,
talk about Winter Solstice traditions around the World, and lead everyone in the nondenominational
lighting ceremony. Depending on the weather and how many participants there are, this
can take about 45 minutes.

6 pm - 8 pm - The public is welcome to stole around the park enjoying the festive atmosphere.
There will also be FREE refreshments from FOSM and the community!

Refreshments - Holiday goodies and hot cocoa, tea, and coffee!

8 pm - We promptly start blowing out the candles and cleaning up.

9 pm - Gates closed

If you plan to help or join us, you might bring...

* A Flashlight
* A long Taper Candle
* A platter or package of holiday goodies to share

In 2015, we had to postpone it a day, but it was well worth it! Mild temps and a beautiful moon halo!

Visit!/portfolio/G0000jGIZgO4Oim8/I00000YEpmv_jG8Y to see an image!

So far, 2014 is our best turnout, over 1200 participants throughout the evening! Thank you!

For those that attended, you saw how we had the tower temporarily off limits,
as FOSM President Jeffrey Wilson tried out a new time lapse app, here is the result...


Thank you Columbus Dispatch and Kristen Zies for some great shots in 2014!
View the photo gallery here...


Want to help us with supplies for next year?

Thank you!

Some images from past Lightings...


Above was taken in 2007 by Jeffrey Wilson


.Above was taken in 2008 by Jeffrey Wilson


.Above was taken in 2009 by Jeffrey Wilson


.Above was taken in 2009 by Jeffrey Wilson

2014 shots from Darryl Aucoin!





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