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We would like to thank everyone for their interest and support of Friends of Serpent Mound, over the years . The Board decided at the end of 2018 to start an official membership. If you want to know more about what's going on in the background or to see our special offers, then please become a Member!

Membership fee structure:

Family – Will cover two adults and children. ($10)

Individual – One person. ($5)

Membership Benefits:
- Special events and discounts
- Camping at the Summer Solstice Celebration
- Members can become Board Members

As a member of FOSM, you are a supporter of the organization. You have voter rights at our meetings. However, all Official statements of FOSM come directly from the FOSM Board and their representative, the Executive Director. In order to be asked to renew ones membership, one must remain in good standing with the Board, by following event rules and not speaking for the organization.

Event Rules:

  • This is a family friendly event - there is to be NO alcohol, drugs, guns, or nudity!
  • Children are welcome and must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.
  • There is no smoking in the Main Tents, in the port-o-lets or within the group hikes. There are proper places to put one’s cigarette butts, so please do not throw them on the ground.
  • There is to be NO Indian Policing or Politics permitted
  • Dogs are permitted, but must be leashed at all times, next to owner, and must be cleaned up after.
  • The back gate to the Serpent Mound Park will close at dark, no one may re-enter until daylight.

The Purpose of FOSM: Protect, preserve, and promote Serpent Mound and other Native American sites, while facilitating education and experiences for visitors.

We will not share or sell your personal information to an outside organization.

We will send you a digital membership card or cardstock version upon approval.

Download and fill in this form and either print and mail it in with payment,

FIll it in and then click on the Microsoft circle in the upper lefthand corner

and send it to us as an "Email" attachment and pay via PayPal (below).

(If you are buying a membership for another person, please place their name in the "Special Instructions" area when you pay via PayPal.)

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If you need any assistance during your event, if you would like a free tour guide, or you have questions or requests, please contact us at...

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