2015Serpent Mound's History, Mystery, And Intrigue!


June 21-23, 2019
at the Soaring Eagle Retreat

Next door to The Great Serpent Mound Park
Soaring Eagle Retreat, 375 Horner Chapel, Peebles, Ohio 45660

Festival Rules: (For everyone.)

  • This is a family friendly event - there is to be NO alcohol, drugs, guns, or nudity!
  • Children are welcome and must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.
  • There is no smoking in the Main Tents, in the port-o-lets or within the group hikes. There are proper places to put one’s cigarette butts, so please do not throw them on the ground.
  • There is to be NO Indian Policing or Politics permitted – All Races and Religions
  • Dogs must be leashed at all times, next to owner, and must be cleaned up after.
  • The back gate to the Serpent Mound Park will close at dark, no one may re-enter until daylight.


Workshops are given by our vendors, volunteers, and speakers. The topics are juried and most are FREE! We allow instructors teaching a craft to charge for supplies when patrons get to physically take something home. For years now, we have offered free 45 minute metaphysical classes, making this the perfect opportunity to learn about something you may have had questions about, but was afraid to ask. Everyone is friendly and open to questions.

Want to be a vendor or offer an educational booth? Go here to learn more.


Visit our Speakers Schedule

2019 Tentative Workshop & Hike Schedule, more added, as information is received...

The thoughts and opinions of each presenter, are their own and FOSM does not support or promote only one view, but offers an opportunity and platform for people to share their thoughts, experiences, and theories and let the public discern what feels right to them.

Workshops are free unless they have a $ next to them!
These workshops will take place in the White Workshop Tent,
There is electricity, but no projector and screen, unless requested.
Green Activities are in a
Large Roped Off Circle.
Hikes are pink and in italic.

Tentative Schedule.

Friday, June 21
1:00 PM - Adam Batson - People's Circle Ceremony

2:00 PM - Brush Creek Nature Kayak Float below Serpent Mound
3:00 PM - Josh Reed - Spiritual Gardening
4:00 PM -
4:00 PM - Honeybee Nanny - Bees and Herbs
5:00 PM -
6:00 PM -
7:00 PM - Jeffrey Wilson - Sunset Tour
8:00 PM - Trade Blanket
10:00 PM - Fletcher Wilson -
The Solar System, The Stars, The Zodiac and Beyond (30 minute presentation, then walk to a location for star gazing.)

Saturday, June 22
10:00 AM -
11:00 AM -
11:00 AM - Zack Kouns - WIld Plants Walk
12:00 PM -
12:00 PM - Josh Eastlake - Bird Watching Hike
1:00 PM - Everett Patch - meditation

2:00 PM - Josh Eastlake - Native Plants
3:00 PM - Tammy Peach (Pixie Dragon) - Soap Making (2 hrs)
4:00 PM -
5:00 PM -
6:00 PM - Circle of the Sacred Pipe, Inc. - Native American Drum and Dance demonstration (Unconfirmed)
7:00 PM - Serpent Mound Park's Activities - Sunset Tour around Serpent Mound meet in the park.
8:00 PM - Serpent Mound Park's Activities - Sunset Viewing at Serpent Mound Effigy
8:00 PM - Trade Blanket
10:00 PM - Fletcher Wilson - The Solar System, The Stars, The Zodiac and Beyond (Walk to a location for star gazing.)

Sunday, June 23
11:00 AM - Zack Kouns - Fermented Foods Workshop
12:00 PM -
1:00 PM - Honeybee Nanny - Probiotics
2:00 PM -
3:00 PM -
5:00 PM - Vendors start closing down.
7:00 PM - Jeffrey Wilson - Sunset Tour around Serpent Mound
8:00 PM - Sunset Viewing at Serpent Mound Oval
9:00 PM - Festival Closed

Each day FOSM will have a different craft for all ages to create at thier Craft Booth.

One can view artifact collections from area collectors like Alan Journey and John Barnhart. We hope to have a flint napping demonstrations, as well.

Stop by the Buckeye Trail booth and learn about how it connects with the North Country Trail. Did you know the Buckeye Trail goes through Serpent Mound and Soaring Eagle Retreat? Stop by and say hi to Jim!

Workshop Presenters:



Zack Kouns is undoubtedly one of the busiest and most insightful individuals in the realm of contemporary music, Zack Kouns works in capacities such as bandleader, performer, author, visual artist, film maker, researcher, prankster, and composer.

Resulting from his strict recording schedule, Kouns has issued over 20 albums to date. 

Amazingly, the musical stylings between each body of Zack Kouns' work vary considerably, in no small part due to the wide assortment of tools with which he develops his songs. As a multi instrumentalist, he plays tenor and alto saxophone, harmonium, electronics, duduk, guitar, violin, clarinet, vocals, trumpet and banjo along with other devices to bring about what Kouns describes as Death Jazz, Modern Liturgical, and Apocalyptic/Hermetic musics. Likewise, the thematic and lyrical content of Kouns' forays into these self-developed genres also draws from many distinct sources, allowing him to create concept albums teeming with metaphor and allegory. Numerous esoteric subjects, chiefly religion, mythology, ancient history and romantic philosophy, manifest themselves across the spectrum of his creative output – Kouns addressed his interest in these topics during an interview with Australia's Rave Magazine:

"The human organism in general can't escape these ageless ideas; to ignore them is to wither and die away, to withdraw into forests of personal meaninglessness of our own construction. Conversely, to acknowledge and explore them is painful; it requires fumbling through dark and hidden recesses inside yourself; hidden, archetypal afflictions that have been buried to make life a bit more bearable, but ultimately less enriched and illuminated."

A life-long resident of rural Appalachia, the region in its juxtaposition of beauty, brutality, love and poverty also plays heavily into the aesthetic of Kouns' work. Perhaps as a way to evaluate his place of birth through comparison, Kouns has a definite mandate to carry out adventures abroad. Through his exploits, Zack Kouns has conducted lengthy tours in North and South America, as well as Europe and Australia, with ambitions to perform on all seven continents.

We are pleased to have him as a part of this festival. Hear his music Thursday evening at 6pm. This multi-talented individual will also lead two Open Jam Sessions, Friday and Saturday nights 9pm to 11pm. During the day you can visit him at his booth, attend his Fermenting Wild Edibles workshop on Friday at 4pm, or Edible Plants Hike on Saturday at 4 pm.


Jenny Richards, Shawnee State Park Naturalist.
Jenny grew up on the edge of Shawnee Forest exploring the outdoors with her family. She obtained her BS in Geography from Ohio University, traveled and worked abroad and returned home to land her dream job as a state park naturalist in the very forest she was raised. She loves sharing her passion for the great outdoors with everyone she meets.

Join us as we explore the rich natural history around the Serpent Mound area. We will visit a variety of eco tones. Meander through the meadow, wonder in the woods, see a spring and vernal pool, and crawl along a creek. So bring your hat, comfy wading shoes, and tick repellant. (FOSM will offer a non-chemical essential oils spray, since you may be getting into the creek.)


Everett Patch "Patches" is a gentle soul that loves animals and helping teach people to meditate. He also loves to share stories.






Grandma Dona Greene has been a wonderful friend and supporter to both my family, Serpent Mound, FOSM, and her community. She is an amazingly engaging storyteller. I have seen her entertain the most wiggly of wiggly worms. We are honored to have her share her collection of children's books on Nature and Native American stories. Plus, what better place to listen to these stories than out in the woods under and ancient Grandmother Blue Ash Tree! There are a few places to sit, but you may also bring a small rug, towel, or blanket to sit upon the Earth or next to the tree, gently. She will do her storytelling at noon, Friday-Sunday.


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