2015Serpent Mound's History, Mystery, And Intrigue!


June 21-24, 2018
at the Soaring Eagle Retreat

Next door to The Great Serpent Mound Park
Soaring Eagle Retreat, 375 Horner Chapel, Peebles, Ohio 45660

Festival Rules: (For everyone.)

  • This is a family friendly event - there is to be NO alcohol, drugs, guns, or nudity!
  • Children are welcome and must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.
  • There is no smoking in the Main Tents or within the group hikes. There are proper places to put one’s cigarette butts, so please do not throw them on the ground.
  • There is to be NO Indian Policing or Politics permitted – All Races and Religions
  • Dogs must be leashed at all times, next to owner, and must be cleaned up after.
  • The back gate to the Serpent Mound Park will close at dark, no one may re-enter until daylight.


Workshops are given by our vendors, volunteers, and speakers. The topics are juried and most are FREE! We allow instructors teaching a craft to charge for supplies when patrons get to physically take something home. For years now, we have offered free 45 minute metaphysical classes, making this the perfect opportunity to learn about something you may have had questions about, but was afraid to ask. Everyone is friendly and open to questions.

Want to be a vendor or offer an educational booth? Go here to learn more.


Visit our Speakers Schedule

Tentative 2018 Workshop & Hike Schedule

The thoughts and opinions of each presenter, are their own and FOSM does not support or promote only one view, but offers an opportunity and platform for people to share their thoughts, experiences, and theories and let the public discern what feels right to them.

Workshops are free unless they have a $ next to them!
Donations received at the workshops will go toward those craft supplies.

These workshops will take place in the White Workshop Tent,
some will also take place in the woods at the Grandmother Tree, just follow the signs.
Two Activities in a Large Roped Off Circle. The Labyrinth has it's own location.
There is electricity, but no projector and screen.
Hikes are in italic.
Tentative Schedule.

Thursday, June 21
5:30 PM - Delsey Wilson - Making a Labyrinth
6:00 PM- Delsey Wilson - Opening Ceremony for the Labyrinth
7:00 PM - Jeffrey Wilson - Sunset Tour
8:30 PM - Public - Lighting the Labyrinth (lit until 11 pm)
9:00 PM – Richard Carpino with The Haunted Byrd will lead a paranormal workshop/hike
10:00 PM - Fletcher Wilson - The Solar System, The Stars, The Zodiac and Beyond (30 minute presentation, then walk to a location for star gazing.)


Friday, June 22
11:00 AM -
12:00 PM -
12:00 PM – Grandma Dona – Storytelling @ Grandmother Tree
1:00 PM - Adam Batson - People's Circle Ceremony
3:00 PM - FOSM Volunteer - Tie-dye Without Tie-dying
4:00 PM - Jenny Richards - Nature Hike
4:00 PM - Open
5:00 PM - Tisa Powell - Detox Naturally - Bath-time Anyone?
6:00 PM - Shelby Quino – Summer Solstice "Create a Sun Wreath" Workshop ($5 to $10)
6:00 PM - Everett Patch - meditation @ Grandmother Tree
7:00 PM - Jeffrey Wilson - Sunset Tour
8:00 PM - Trade Blanket
8:30 PM - Public - Lighting the Labyrinth (lit until 11 pm)
9:00 PM – Brian Busse & Ron Bergner – CE-5 Group Meditation (meet at the tent, bring a reclining chair or blanket, flashlight, and bug spray. Then we will walk to the location.)
10:00 PM - Fletcher Wilson -
The Solar System, The Stars, The Zodiac and Beyond (30 minute presentation, then walk to a location for star gazing.)

Saturday, June 23
10:00 AM - Yoga - Joanie Boyle
11:00 AM - Tom Johnson - Pipe stone Carving $ Varies according to stone (2hrs) (Please bring your own carving knives, stone can be bought there.)
12:00 PM – Grandma Dona – Storytelling @ Grandmother Tree
1:00 PM - Michelle Adiar - Learn about Flower Essence
2:00 PM - Circle of the Sacred Pipe, Inc. - Native American Drum and Dance demonstration
3:00 PM - FOSM Volunteers – How to make Homemade Ice Cream, like at the Old Time Reunions.
4:00 PM - Teresa Mahan – "Dowsing for More Than Water - No Experience Necessary!"
5:00 PM - Maryellen Pratt – Create your own lather medicine bag. (cost $10) (2 hour class – You are welcome to bring your own embellishments. There will be beads, but not a lot of fancies.)
7:00 PM - Serpent Mound's Activities - Sunset Tour around Serpent Mound
8:00 PM - Serpent Mound's Activities - Sunset Viewing at Serpent Mound Effigy
8:00 PM - Trade Blanket
8:30 PM - Public - Lighting the Labyrinth (lit until 11 pm)
10:00 PM - Fletcher Wilson - The Solar System, The Stars, The Zodiac and Beyond (30 minute presentation, then walk to a location for star gazing.)

Sunday, June 24
11:00 AM -
12:00 PM - Michelle Adiar - Chakradance Demonstration
12:00 PM – Grandma Dona – Storytelling @ Grandmother Tree
1:00 PM -
2:00 PM - DAK - Rock and Crystal Workshop
3:00 PM - FOSM Volunteer - Make your own Serpent Crafts for kids!
5:00 PM - Vendors start closing down.
7:00 PM - Jeffrey Wilson - Sunset Tour around Serpent Mound
8:00 PM - Sunset Viewing at Serpent Mound Oval
9:00 PM - Festival Closed

One can view artifact collections from area collectors like Alan Journey and John Barnhart. We hope to have a flint napping demonstrations, as well.

Stop by the Buckeye Trail booth and learn about how it connects with the North Country Trail. Did you know the Buckeye Trail goes through Serpent Mound and Soaring Eagle Retreat? Stop by and say hi to Jim!

Workshop Presenters:

Create your own lather medicine bag. (Cost $10) (2 hour class – You are welcome to bring your own embellishments. There will be beads, but not a lot of fancies.) We would like to have everyone pre-register for this workshop. Contact us by EMAIL if you want to register, but not with PayPal.

Names of the participant:


Samples from Pinterest of styles one can make, please bring items you have that you would like included into your bag, like feather, gems, rocks, or crystals...


Each day FOSM will have a craft for all ages at 3:00 PM:

Friday, June 22
Tie-dye Without Tie-dying
(Feel free to bring your own 100% cotton item to create on. We will have a Handkerchiefs for $1.

Saturday, June 23
How to make Handmade Ice Cream, like they did during Old Time Reunions.

Sunday, June 24
Make your own Serpent Crafts for Kids.

Teresa Mahan a member of The Great Serpent Mound Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers will show there is more to dowsing than finding water, in "Dowsing for More Than Water - No Experience Necessary!". (If you can't make it to their workshop ask them your questions at their booth.)

Jenny Richards, Shawnee State Park Naturalist will offer a Nature Hike at 4 pm on Friday, June 22.
Jenny grew up on the edge of Shawnee Forest exploring the outdoors with her family. She obtained her BS in Geography from Ohio University, traveled and worked abroad and returned home to land her dream job as a state park naturalist in the very forest she was raised. She loves sharing her passion for the great outdoors with everyone she meets.

Join us as we explore the rich natural history around the Serpent Mound area. We will visit a variety of eco tones. Meander through the meadow, wonder in the woods, see a spring and vernal pool, and crawl along a creek. So bring your hat, comfy wading shoes, and tick repellant. (FOSM will offer a non-chemical essential oils spray, since you may be getting into the creek.)

Thomas Johnson will offer a Ohio Pipe Stone Carving on Saturday, June 23 at 11 am (2 hour). Tom is a rock man from Michigan and has been collecting rocks since he was 4 years old. Collected a lot around Sylvania, Ohio in an old 350 million year old seabed 90 feet underground through the 60's and 70's until the government stopped that activity with MSHA and OSHA 1979, He then moved to southern Ohio and began collecting an even older seabed of 438 million. Many trips around the planet to collect and study fossils dating back to 2.7 billion years, recognized for his achievements in 1984 by the Smithsonian and National Geographic, he has written three books and lectured on the subject of trilobites and Meteor Craters for many years. $ Please bring carving tools, Tom will have some for sell, along with the stone. Prices of the stones vary.

Everett Patch "Patches" is a gentle soul that loves animals and helping teach people to meditate. He also loves to share stories.

Grandma Dona Greene has been a wonderful friend and supporter to both my family, Serpent Mound, FOSM, and her community. She is an amazingly engaging storyteller. I have seen her entertain the most wiggly of wiggly worms. We are honored to have her share her collection of children's books on Nature and Native American stories. Plus, what better place to listen to these stories than out in the woods under and ancient Grandmother Blue Ash Tree! There are a few places to sit, but you may also bring a small rug, towel, or blanket to sit upon the Earth or next to the tree, gently. She will do her storytelling at noon, Friday-Sunday.

Brian Busse and Ron Bergner are Extra Terrestrial contactees and experiencers, Extra Terrestrial CE-5 contact workers and co-founders of a local group named Cincy CE-5. CE-5 means ‘Close Encounter of the 5th Kind’, which in turn means ‘Human Initiated ET Contact’. Ron and Brian are enthusiastic about zero point energy solutions and its important connection worldwide with our off world neighbors. They share a background in various types of paranormal research and especially Ron at an early age. Brian is grandson to the late Donald E. Busse who was a full time employee of the world famous inventor Nikola Tesla. Ron is a student of the Resonance Academy, and currently learning the new physics of how we can extract energy from the quantum vacuum. Both are excited about helping to raise the frequency of humanity through heart-based ET contact, zero point energy, and opening minds.

Friday, June 22 at 4 pm, come out and learn about human initiated ET contact happening here in Ohio and around nearly every city in the world! This form of contact is popularly known a CE-5 or ‘Close Encounter of the 5th kind’ as seen in the popular YouTube documentary called SIRIUS. Learn about the important connection between Zero Point Energy and our off world neighbors. Hear about and see some of CE-5 experiences Brian Busse, Ron Bergner and our kindred spirits from Cincy CE-5 have been excited about around our tri-state area. Wouldn’t it be fun to make contact with our off world neighbors near Serpent Mound?

Then stay for their workshop Friday night at 9 pm. The core meditation takes 30-45 minutes. Beyond this, people will just relax, observe, and converse for 30 to 120 minutes more typically. Those who stay and observe are often rewarded as activity picks up. The ET beings shared the word "Patience" with Brian in early March. Those that want to participate need to meet at the Labyrinth Sign, please bring a reclining chair or blanket, flashlight, and bug spray, from there everyone will proceed to the location for the evening. And no it will NOT be Serpent Mound. NO ONE IS PERMITTED IN THE PARK AFTER DARK.

Tisa Powell's personality is as beautiful and bubbly as the products she makes, she also smells as wonderful! She has been a wonderful supporter of FOSM and this community. We are grateful to have her back with us! Her workshop "Detox Naturally - Bath-time Anyone?" is Friday at 5 pm.

"Detox Naturally - Bath-time Anyone?" - Carving out alone time to de-stress, unwind, and meditate in our busy schedule can be tough. Balancing family, work, and relationship obligations leaves little time to “indulge.” But allowing our bodies (and minds!) time to rest and rid themselves of toxins is essential to staying healthy. Toxins are poisonous substances that negatively affect our health. We expose ourselves to toxins on a daily basis, from sources like pollution, processed foods, and pesticides. And when we don’t release these toxins, it’s reflected in our health and the way we feel throughout the day. That’s why I’m such a fan of detox baths and they are insanely easy and affordable to create at home!

Go home with a small bag to try for yourself and a recipe to make more later.

Shelby Quino from the Soul Healing Love Magic (SHLM) Collaborative will be at the Serpent Mound Summer Solstice Festival to provide a Sun Wheel Workshop. We will be using faux flowers and other knick-knacks to create small-medium sized wreaths to convey cycle of regeneration wherein all of nature is intertwined. Then, using strips of paper and twine, you and your friends can attach wishes, prayers, blessings, dreams, etc. to the wreath; infusing it with an abundance of energy to regenerate, as a sacred and healing act. There will be about 10 to 15 slots. Optional Donation of no more that $5 to help pay for supplies is very much appreciated. More info is still coming on the SHLM website. Email shlm.shelby@gmail.com to sign up or for more information. Hope to see you there!

Richard Carpino. I'm happy to announce another first for this year's festival, a paranormal workshop/hike around Soaring Eagle Retreat and the old Serpent Mound Farm's homestead site, we WILL NOT be going to Serpent Mound Park after dark. Richard Carpino from The Haunted Byrd website, will lead us. Meet at the Main Tent Thursday night at 9 pm, if it is raining we will remain there for the workshop. To learn more about Richards research visit his site. Have questions for him, visit him at his booth throughout the festival.

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