June 16-18, 2017
at the Soaring Eagle Retreat

Next door to The Great Serpent Mound Park
Soaring Eagle Retreat, 375 Horner Chapel, Peebles, Ohio 45660


mapFOSM encourages the public to park at and visit Serpent Mound before joining the festival.

Vendors, speakers, and volunteers that are camping enter Soaring Eagle Retreat from Horner Chapel Rd.

This is a festival. It is a place to share new and ancient knowledge, stories, and crafts!

There are many theories, stories, knowledge, and unknowns with Serpent Mound. The Friends of Serpent Mound started this festival as a way for the public to share and learn about the many facets of Serpent Mound. Our speakers vary from locals, historians, Native Americans form different Tribes, Scientists, Spiritualist, and more. We are neither inclusive, nor exclusive. This started as just a one day event in 2009, and we are ecstatic that it has grown into a 3-day festival! In 2014, we had torrential rains on Friday, but Saturday was beautiful and there was close to 1000 people that among the booths! In 2015, even with Tropical Storm Bill raining on us off and on all weekend, most of our vendors and participants enjoyed themselves and stated how they liked the new location - it gives everyone an opportunity to enjoy the natural ambiance of Serpent Mound and the hustle and bustle of the festival, separately!

Festival Rules: (For everyone.)

  • This is a family friendly event - there is to be NO alcohol, drugs, guns, or nudity!
  • Children are welcome and must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.
  • There is no smoking in the Main Tents or within the group hikes. There are proper places to put one’s cigarette butts, so please do not throw them on the ground.
  • There is to be NO Indian Policing or Politics permitted – All Races, All Religions, All Our Relations
  • Dogs are permitted, but must be leashed at all times, next to owner, and must be cleaned up after.
  • The back gate to the Serpent Mound Park will close at dark, no one may re-enter until daylight.


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Join us as a Vendor!
Registration deadline is June 1, 2017

Are you joining us as a
Drummer or Volunteer and want to camp?


This is our 2016 Schedules, The 2017 Schedule is still in the works.

The thoughts and opinions of each of our speakers are their own and FOSM does not support or promote only one view, but offers an opportunity and platform for people to share their thoughts, experiences, and theories and let the public discern what feels right to them.

Click on the titles below to learn more about who joined us this year!


These presentations will take place in the
large white tent.
There will be electric for a projector and sound.

Workshops and Hikes

Workshops are free unless they have a $ next to them!
Hikes are in blue and Italics.

These workshops will take place in the Yellow Tent.
There is electricity, but no projector and screen.

Friday, June 17
1:00 PM - Delsey Wilson - Opening & Who are the Friends of Serpent Mound?
2:00 PM -
3:00 PM - Steve Free - Music and Storytelling
4:00 PM - Fletcher Wilson - From the Serpent to the Stone
5:00 PM - Joseph Whitefeather Mato – Native Flute Music
6:00 PM - E. P. (Ed) Grondine - Other Astronomical Aspects of Serpent Mound
8:00 PM - Sunset Opening Ceremony at Serpent Mound Oval
9:00 PM - American Indian Style Drumming
10:00 PM - Open Drum - All Styles & hula hoop to 12am

Friday, June 17
1:00 PM -
2:00 PM - Vicki Thompson - Painting Demonstration
2:00 PM - Delsey Wilson - Edible Native Plants Hike
3:00 PM - FOSM Volunteer Amy Corns - Bead Looming - $ donation
4:00 PM - Sherry Graham – Necklace - $10 donation
5:00 PM - Tammy Peach - Lard Soap Making (2 hours)

7:00 PM - Jeffrey Wilson - Sunset Tour

Saturday, June 18
11:00 AM - Debbie "YellowFlicker" Brubaker - Native Flute Music
12:00 PM - Dr. William Romain - "Serpent Mound as a Portal to the Otherworld"
1:00 PM - Jeffrey Wilson - "The Archaeoastronomy and Cosmology of Serpent Mound" (About 2 hours)
3:00 PM - Monette Bebow-Reinhard - "Snake & Bird Effigies in Copper: Tracing Cultural Evolution and Spirituality"
4:00 PM - Ross Hamilton - Turtle Island
5:00 PM - Jason Jarrell - Giants Q&A
6:00 PM - William John Meegan - "SERPENT MOUND: Closing the Mystic Circle"
7:00 PM - Jeffrey Wilson - Sunset Tour around Serpent Mound
8:00 PM - International Drumming and Hula Hoop Dancers to 12 AM

Saturday, June 18
11:00 AM - Josph Hunneman - Painting Demonstration
12:00 PM - Haily Hinson - Animal Communication
1:00 PM - Cathy Taylor - Moon Cycles
2:00 PM - Monnie Cummings - Energy Work
2:00 PM - Delsey Wilson – A Hike Through the Past 13:00 PM - FOSM Volunteer - Gourd Rattle - $ donation
4:00 PM - Yazmin García - The 13 Moon workshop
5:00 PM - Tom Johnson - Pipestone Carving $ (2hrs)
6:00 PM - Delsey Wilson – A Hike Through the Past 2
7:00 PM - Jeffrey Wilson - Sunset Tour
8:00 PM - Trade Blanket
10:00 PM - Fletcher Wilson - "The Solar System, The Stars, The Zodiac and Beyond" (30 minute presentation, then walk to a location for star gazing.)

Sunday, June 19
12:00 PM - Spirits of the Winds - Indigenous singers
1:00 PM - Mark Eddy - Junction Group
2:00 PM - Steve Free - Music and Storytelling
3:00 PM - Monnie Cummings - Group Meditation and Reading
4:00 PM - Azurae Windwalker - Serpent Mound as a Shamanic Healing Art Metaphor & Sacred Soul Growth Site
5:00 PM - Sherry GrahamSymbols Embedded in Serpent Mound (Vendor's will start closing down.)
6:00 PM -
8:00 PM - Closing Ceremony at Serpent Mound Oval

Sunday, June 19
11:00 AM - Jason Diamond - Yoga
11:00 AM - Alan Skelly – Rock Hunting Hike (meet at the entrance of Serpent Mound)
12:00 PM - Linda Roberts - Shamanism
1:00 PM - Gary Nelson - Musician
1:00 PM – Buckeye Trails Association – Hike the Serpent Mound section.
2:00 PM - Horse Woman - Personal Medicine Bags
3:00 PM - FOSM Volunteer - Kids Snake Crafts ($ Donation)
4:00 PM - Missy Clark - Appalachian Storytelling
5:00 PM - Vendor booth close.
7:00 PM - Jeffrey Wilson - Sunset Tour


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