The History of Friends of Serpent Mound

Friends of Serpent Mound, or FOSM for short, is made up of individuals, organizations, and businesses that care about and see the value in protecting, preserving, and promoting the Great Serpent Mound Park and other Native American sites, while facilitating education and experiences for visitors.

We have many events that we put together, with the hope that those who attend will find enjoyment. Thanks to our dedicated members and volunteers, we have offered over 10 year of service to the community!

Please help us bring some Elders and Chiefs to Serpent Mound!

seedfestivalAlternate Universe with FOSM Presents:

Our festival will connect with sacred sites around the World at 1:11 to bless seeds and water. The Serpent Mound Pipe with Tobacco was presented to Chief Blue Star Eagle and he accepted. We are honored that he and his wife Walks With New Beginnings Woman will be our Ceremonial leaders. Along with many others who will share their knowledge.

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2015Serpent Mound's History, Mystery, And Intrigue!


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Digitally see Serpent Mound, until you can visit!

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If you need any assistance during your event, if you would like a free tour guide, or you have questions or requests, please contact us at...

Address: Peebles, Ohio
Telephone: + 937 - 587 - 3953
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